Thursday, January 13, 2011

Meet the Staff Series at CEG-Hilary Viens

Hilary Viens – Director of Programs and Operations

Hilary Viens is the next staff member to be highlighted. Viens, like her colleagues in her office, is clearly passionate about the work she does in the DC community. Before beginning the interview, Viens wanted to express her sentiment toward CEG this way:

“The staff of Community Education Group is an amazing team, capable of making significant changes in the Wards 7 and 8 communities, with an unparalleled amount of dedication and commitment to their community. The transformations I have witnessed in staff have been profound and will forever change who I am.”

Viens has served at CEG since July 2007. She is currently the Manager of Programs and Operations. She is responsible for the daily oversight of CEG. She cites her tasks as managing all federal and foundation grants, securing funding to implement programming through Toni's vision, and supervising the Manager of Testing and Field Operations, Program Associate, and Linkage team.

When asked to consider the impact she would like to make with CEG she cited her desire for her work with CEG “to help create community level change and draw attention to an area of the city that is in significant need of resources and support.” Furthermore Viens was asked to describe two of her greatest accomplishments. “Personally, I believe being able to integrate and become part of the CEG family has been a huge accomplishment. I am a white woman among a predominantly Black staff that serves the Black community, a community I was not raised in, but have developed strong connections to. Professionally, I think my greatest accomplishment relates to being able to secure funding for CEG to implement innovative and effective programs around HIV and other health disparities in Wards 7 and 8.”

Viens states that she stands out from others by “having a soft exterior and a hard interior. I feel like I am a bridge between "the big picture" and the implementation of services at CEG.”

In her free time, Viens enjoys photography, children, her dog scout, knitting, and indie and hip-hop music. And finally, she feels strongly about enjoying her peanut butter “SMOOTH.”

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