Thursday, January 6, 2011

Meet the Staff at CEG Series- Terrence Young

Terrence Young - Manager of Testing and Field Operations

After sitting down with Terrance Young it was easy to see within minutes that he loves what he does and makes a huge impact in the lives of so many. He is very passionate and dedicated toward his work.

Young has been with Community Education Group for six years as the Manager of Testing and Field Operations. He described his role this way:

“I coordinate all testing outreach activities, establish relationships with linkage providers and coordinate testing events”.

Young has experienced many of the successes CEG has had over the years. He describes his own achievements with aspiration to continue to make an impact in the city.

“I hope to develop and implement programs that affect the many health and social disparities that affect community members in Wards 7 and 8 of the District in a positive way and increase the quality of life of individuals living with and affected by HIV and other disparities that disproportionately affect African Americans.”

However he states that his greatest personal accomplishment was “turning my life around and becoming a contributing member of society and being a father to my son”.

With such capacity to be an agent of change Young cites that CEG chose him and he “grew to love the opportunity to give back to the community that he was raised in a productive fashion”.

As far as standing out from others, Young describes himself as a leader. He goes on to say that “I don’t have a problem expressing myself even when I am not in the majority”. This is truly important as he finds that he is often in a position to come to the aid of others by spreading knowledge of HIV/AIDS prevention.

In his leisure time, Young enjoys “anything related to sports”. His favorite football team is the Dallas Cowboys. Young is also very athletic having played basketball, football, and baseball. “I’m super competitive in anything”.

Finally for fun I asked how do you like your peanut butter and his response was “all the way chunky”.

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