Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Other City

A film about the DC where we work and the epidemic we're trying to stop, The Other City captures the lives and stories of people with HIV and the service providers who help them.  From the description on the films website:
“The Other City” introduces us to the people who live in the shadow of the Capitol but remain almost invisible to the lawmakers and lobbyists who live there. It’s about politics and ideology, corruption and bureaucracy, and an epidemic that grew out of control while few people paid any attention or cared.
Our own J'Mia Edwards is featured in the film, telling her story of how she lived with her diagnosis and became an activist to fight for fair housing for herself and her children.  Her story of strength is an inspiration to all of us, every day.

You can see the film in DC this weekend, September 18th at The E St Cinema - buy your tickets here!

An astounding film, I can't wait to see it myself.  Check out the trailer below -

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